CHELL Bikini Set

CHELL Bikini Set

Yarns Used:

5PLY 100% Combed Cotton in Sunset - 500g, 200g

CHELL bikini top and bottom. It's a bikini set that sits comfortably on your body. No specific materials needed, and is made-to-measure to fit all sizes.

TERMS OF USE: - One copy per one person. DO NOT share nor sell this pattern with anyone; also applicable even if you alter this document.

- You may sell the finished product/s you make with this pattern.
- You must give proper credits each time when posting your works with this pattern. Claiming this design is restricted.
- Photo grabbing from all documents provided is prohibited to market your “CHELL” bikini set works. It’s best if you use your own pictures so the client will also know what to expect.
- Enjoy!

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