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Ligaya Filipiñana Crochet Written Pattern

Ligaya Filipiñana Crochet Written Pattern

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• 5.00mm Hook
• 5-ply milk cotton yarn or any yarn of choice
• Tape measure
• Stitchmarkers

Included in this pattern:
• Video tutorial
• Pictures

I have always been wanting to make a modern Filipiñana top using crochet and finally I was able to do it! I would like to thank you for showing interest in this top and hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate the sleeves into other top designs.

“Ligaya” in Filipino means joy, happiness, and delight. This top was named after my favorite character in the Filipino Broadway called: Ang Huling El Bimbo. Ligaya was a modern Filipina woman who emanated joy and happiness to everyone despite the struggles that she was facing. Ligaya showed how strong and brave Filipino women are.

With that, I want to be able to empower other women with this modern Filipina look. Let’s show to everyone that wearing cultural clothes is still “in” and still very much fashionable.
Thank you so much once again!
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