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Nabi Shrug Crochet Written Pattern

Nabi Shrug Crochet Written Pattern

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This is a made-to-measure pattern.

The reversible design allows you to wear it with either side facing out, providing versatility and style for your summer outfits. You can also make the front and back panels same in length if you wish not to make it reversible. It's a basic design made of basic stitches such as chains, single crochets, and double crochets. You can wear it on casual days and even on your next beach trip. This design is perfect for spring and summer but you can also layer it with other clothing pieces.

Terms of Use
- This pattern is for personal use only. You are allowed to sell the pieces you made using this pattern, but you are not allowed to share this pattern with anyone, either for free or for sale.
- Do not create a video (YouTube or IG Story) based on this pattern.
-Please tag @gottahook on Instagram when you post about this shrug. It will be greatly appreciated.
- For questions, feel free to send a message on Instagram (@gottahook) or email ( I will reply as soon as I can to help.

- Size 1 or 2 combed cotton yarn or any yarn you prefer. I personally recommend any cotton yarn. I used approximately 200 grams for size XS-S
- .25-.5 bigger hook than what you usually use for the yarn you will be using. For example, I usually use 3 mm for my sport weight cotton yarns but I used 3.25 mm for this pattern.
- Tape measure.
- Scissors.
- Stitch markers.
- Tapestry needles.
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